Saturday, November 21, 2015

Welcome to Jazz Flashes!

Jazz Flashes is a new blog that I am starting today as a companion site to The Vintage Bandstand, the blog on classic jazz and the crooners that I have been publishing since 2010. As its title implies, Jazz Flashes will feature a series of brief posts—the flashes—that will concentrate on all kinds of jazz, from New Orleans jazz to swing to bop to hard bop and beyond. These posts will spotlight a wide range of musicians, recordings, concerts, books, photographs, videos, and anything related to the world of jazz that may be of interest to our readers. Whereas The Vintage Bandstand concentrates on longer, more detailed articles, Jazz Flashes will include shorter, more straight-to-the-point posts. In that respect, we will sacrifice depth for immediacy, in an attempt to write in a more conversational way and spread the word about quality jazz in as direct a manner as possible.

Therefore, welcome one and all to this new venture into the world of jazz! I hope you will find something that piques your interest among all these brief Jazz Flashes.

Anton Garcia-Fernandez
Jazz Flashes
Martin, Tennessee

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